History of Jubbal state goes back to 12th century. Among the 18 thakuries located in the valleys of sutlej, Pabbar and Giri this thakurrai was of considerable importance. Rulers of Jubbal belong to the rathore clan.

During 12th century The ugar chand The raja of Sirmaur, had a summer palace in Soonpur, The modern hatkoti, which is overlooked by the plateau of Sonnpur, on the right bank of the pabbar river. While he was having pleasant company with his family he had to go back to sirmaur leaving royal family behind. Due to heavy rainfall river giri got flooded and capital of the state was swept away and the royal family lost its ancestral possessions the sirmur state forever to a prince of jaisalmer. Rana Karam Chand the elder son of ugar chand (1835-1877) was the first Raja of Jubbal. Mool chand founded Sari and duni Chand Rawin state in Giri and Pabbar Basins

Jubbal State had an area of 288 square miles and was famous for its dense forests of 'deodar' trees. Today, Jubbal is reputed for its apple orchards which provide its residents their main source of income. The town of Jubbal is about 100 kilometres from Simla.

Jubbal has also given the state of Himachal Pradesh a Chief Minister. He was the late Mr. Ram Lal who was the Chief Minister from 1975 to 1977 and again from 1980 to 1982. The town is also home to the famous bollywood actress Priety Zinta.